My passion for photography was first awakened in 1969 when at school I was able to borrow a Pentax camera from our photo club which also taught me the basics of film development and dark room printing.

Since then I have been engaged in very interesting work which involved a lot of traveling and have been fortunate to regularly be able to live and work for extended periods in new cultural settings. Photography has been an important tool for me to connect with and explore new places and in some ways to acquire new eyes and fresh perspectives on the environment – I have often gained important insights from both the shooting itself and the subsequent study of the results … insights about the new environment but also often about myself and the “baggage” that I consciously or unconsciously bring with me. 

I have covered many different subjects in my photography, many of which are shown on this website. A strong recurrent theme, however, is people, particularly trying to capture the ordinary magic moments that make up our daily lives – people busy at work, absorbed in some interpersonal interaction, or even during moments of quiet, often unconscious, reflection –  have always held great meaning for me – these “ordinary” moments that make up our lives. (see, for example, the Bangkok galleries river, street or India. 

A particularly important focus of my photography has been my wife Daeng’s village in the northeast of Thailand. I have been coming to this place for more than 30 years and have seen tremendous changes to this rural, agricultural community. (see galleries on Northeast: Village and portraits).

I have also worked more systematically to document specific rituals and events including Buddhist funeral ceremonies and other cultural events. At the moment I am also working on a series to try to capture the Spirit of Thailand – the ways in which Buddhism is reflected in monastic and ordinary life in Thailand. (see, Spirit of Thailand gallery).

A body of work has and continues to focus on trees – their majesty and beauty as well as their grounding, positive and protective energies. (see, Trees gallery).

I have long been fascinated by display mannequins  – often overlooked works of art in themselves they probably represent generation zero of humanoid robots and, to me at least, raise intriguing existential questions about us now and in the future. (see Display models gallery).

You will also find some landscape and architectural shots throughout various parts of the website.


Michael Henriques

Nonthaburi, March, 2018.